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Pomegranate Sativa Infused B-12 Gummy 



B-12 and Pomegranate both assists in energy production, improving red blood cell formation, anemia prevention, supportive bone health, improving mood, it also supports healthy hair, skin and nails. This product masters every angle of a beautiful you.


 Apple Hybrid Infused Ginseng Gummy



Ginseng is the root known to improve memory, focus, and concentration, protects against cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces stress and fatigue, treats insomnia, even prevents erectile dysfunction. If you’ve ever had trouble remembering your anniversary, you’ve just said hello to the right gummy.


Cherry Tart Indica Infused Valerian and CBN Gummy

Indica/Valerian Root & CBN


Say Hello to a great night sleep with our Cherry Indica and valerian root infused gummy. Valerian extract has gained attention for its action on gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mechanisms in the brain. Low GABA levels have been associated with poor sleep quality and higher levels of anxiety.

Research shows that Valerian helps with GABA intake resulting in reduced panic and anxiety symptoms. Valerian is said to act similar to anti-anxiety medications like Valium and Xanax.

CBN is a natural sedative found in the Marijuana plant along side THC and CBD. Research in mice has shown that CBN can prolong sleep time.


Blue Razz CBD & Biotin Infused Gummy



If you haven’t heard all the benefits of CBD here are just a few. It reliefs pain has anti-seizure properties. It fights anxiety, combats cancer, lessens the risk of diabetes, and even treats sleep issues. If that isn’t enough, we added biotin which promotes the growth of hair, nail, skin, reduces blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis.

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